Our ribbed walls are easy to install – download assembly instructions here or read more below.

There are different ways to mount Ribbon-Wood. You can screw or glue the panels on existing walls/ceilings.

If you want even better acoustics in the room, you can unbolt 45x45mm wooden rule and set insulation (45mm) in between, then you achieve sound class A.

Screw or glue up the panels directly on the wall.
Screwing is easy. Our black screws becomes almost like concealed mounting.
15 screw/panel.

If you choose gluing, you get completely hidden mounting. Our fast-curing glue does it easy to glue the panels. Start always to glue on the panel.

On one side of the panels goes one wooden slats over the edge. It is there to hide the joint.

Better acoustics?
Mount the acoustics panels with 45mm insulation behind, then you achieve sound class A.

Start to unbolt the wall with 45x45mm wooden rule. Mount the wooden rule horizontal and C-C 600mm between them. Remember to get the wooden rules straight to get as smooth ribbed wall as possible. 

Put your 45mm insulation between the wooden rule.

Screw up the panels on the wooden rule. 15 screw/panel.

If you want to finish the ribbed wall in the middle of a room?

Glue our finishing strip to get a nice finish. Glue on the finishing strip, press it to the panel and wall.

Are the rib panels too high?
Adjusting the height is easy with one circular saw and guide rail. Drop/file the
edge of the wooden slats afterwards.
Should the wooden slats sit loose after sawing you can glue the slats on the acoustic blanket using  super glue.

With a hole saw you make the holes for switches/connectors/spotlights. You can also saw out with a jigsaw there are other forms. Should the wooden slats sit loose after the hole you can glue the slats on the acoustic blanket with super

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