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  • Ribbvägg ek, ljusgrå akustikfilt.
  • Ribbvägg ek, svart akustikfilt
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    Walnut, black RecoSilent (acoustic felt)

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  • Ribbvägg ek - Smoked oak - eng
  • Ribbvägg ek, Rustic Grey Oak, svart RecoSilent (akustikfilt)
  • Ribbvägg ek, Rustic Antique Oak, svart RecoSilent (akustikfilt)

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Wood Slat Wall

The Scandinavian design language had its breakthrough almost 100 years ago and is more relevant today than ever before. Traces of this minimalistic approach to interior design, making use of natural materials to create furniture with emphasis on simplicity and functionalism, can be seen all around the world. Through the use of real veneer, Ribbon-Wood acoustic panels create a seamless connection between the wonderful Swedish forest and a penthouse in Manhattan, a ski lodge in the Alps, or a seafront house in Bali. It’s up to you! Making use of our RecoSilent blanket the panels contribute to a soothing atmosphere that reminds you of the feeling you get in a deep forest. With the possibility of reaching sound class ”A” an acoustic wall or even an acoustic ceiling with Ribbon-Wood is a solid addition to any home, office space, or other areas where both design and acoustics are in high demand


Our Swedish-made acoustic blanket is self-describing:

  • Recirculated – contains more than 50% recycled PET bottles and can be recycled to 100%
  • Eco – an environmentally friendly material
  • Reco – “nice” material that is not allergenic, no glue but only 100% pet plastic
  • Silent – the material is an excellent sound dampening

In addition to these characteristics, Recosilent also provides fire properties in accordance with fire classification b-s1 d0!

Wood Slat Wall with a unique touch

Whether you want a slat wall, or simply feel the need to put up a single slat panel, or maybe have a unique idea of usage, Ribbon-Wood caters to it all!These panels are incredibly easy to install yourself by using either the screws or the glue which can be found under ”Accessories”. If you want to transform your room with a slatted ceiling we strongly recommend using the screws for a durable installation. An overhang of felt on one side and of wooden lath on the other means the seams are completely invisible without any extra handling. For a nice-looking end to the panels, we recommend buying the finishing strip matching your acoustic panels’ wooden laths.Throughout our production processes, we always put the environment in focus. Our factories are ISO-certified, respectively FSC-certified. From choice of materials to production and packaging, we refuse to compromise on our environmental commitments.If you want inspiration, want to share your new Ribbon-Wood or keep up to date with news, releases, and other things, go follow us on instagram @Wallribbon and use #WallRibbon for your posts. We look forward to seeing these wall panels take a place in your home and elevate your ordinary walls to the next level.

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